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Dr. Lynn Stanton-Hoyle
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Youth Events

Youth Ministry

Youth at CPC

“I love everything about CPC.  The people, always welcoming.  The youth meetings, always crazy and fun.  The love, always warm and always there.  How I know from the moment I enter the church God is there and God will always be.  It’s safe here and I always have someone to talk to.  I have had the best times of my life in and with this church.”  9th Grader

Youth ministry at CPC gives students opportunities to see God at work in them and through them.  It begins with the bible – reading and hearing the story of God’s love and God’s call to live out that kind of radical self-less love for others.  To be shaped by the story of God’s love, youth practice doing love together by making covenants for Sunday School, by helping the church in worship and mission events and by going on short-term and long-term youth mission projects.  As students share the real stories of their lives and then look at the stories of faith from scripture, students begin to develop deeper faith that they can apply to their real-life issues.   Youth do all of this in a church community that knows them, loves them, appreciates their gifts, and learns from them.   CPC is not a place where the youth are always doing their own thing and are isolated from the rest of the church – it is a family where the youth have many Godly parents and grandparents to get to know them and support them as they grow in faith and knowledge of God.

Fellowship - Youth Groups & Retreats

Middle School Madness: Middle School students are ready to ask hard questions about faith: how does what I believe make a difference for how I live? How would Jesus want me to act with my friends, at school, on the sports field? Middle schoolers connect how following Jesus impacts all of their choices, big and small.  This group meets twice a month for bible study, mission and fun! Others help us to grow in our faith, so 7th and 8th graders come together to talk faith and encourage one another to be closer to Jesus in all that they do. Check the church calendar for MSM upcoming events!  


"I love all the people and how everyone looks out and prays for each other in times of sadness and in times of happiness. This church has been my second home my whole life and I don’t know what I would have done without it."      11th grader

SHYG: Senior High Youth Group meets most weeks for service (trips to SOME & Cropwalk), study (devotions on “Way To Live” and teen Christian practices), fellowship (dinners, pizza lunches), fun (Smores night, game nights and of course Alien vs. Predator!) and sometimes just to pray and hang out.  Check the church calendar for updated youth events.  


Youth have many opportunities throughout the year to spend overnights together, getting out of the worlds of school and home to focus on God, prayer, silence, and the joys of being together.  

Youth in Mission

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Students at CPC take Jesus’ call in Matthew 25:40 to heart, that serving others is also a way to serve Jesus.  Students are involved in every aspect of the Mission life of the congregation.  Students are members of the Mission Committee and join in the congregation’s mission drives.  Students also participate in their own mission activities, many of which are ideas from the student’s themselves.  CPC youth often speak to the congregation about their mission activities, teaching the congregation about the mission need and witnessing to how young people can make a difference in their communities as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.


The youth participate in the following Mission Ministries:


Please join us and bring a friend!  Have an idea for Mission?  Let us know!


We are ordinary youth doing extraordinary things in Jesus’ name.  We are the hands Christ has in the world.

Youth in Study

Sunday School 9:45-10:45


Middle School Sunday School (room 215): During confirmation years, these students learn what it means to be members of a church.  They study the sacraments, Apostles’ Creed, 10 commandments, and begin to study theology:  what is the Trinity, how does Jesus save us, what is sin, etc.  The Middle School class also looks at what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and what it means to call ourselves Christians in today’s world.  Confirmation meets in the Spring every other year and is open for students in Middle School or High School.


High School Sunday School (room 216): Using stories in the bible, from the life of Paul to the book of Revelations, high school students look at how and why God’s word matters for their life.  Using video and discussion, high school students study the gospel of Jesus Christ and get opportunities to put it into practice through mission and service projects, both in the summer and throughout the year.

Christian Education

“We grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

                  2 Peter 3:18


Christian Education, growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, happens everywhere at CPC, not just in the classrooms or during the Sunday School hour.  It is anytime we are moved by the Spirit of God from where we are right now to where God wants us to be.  Our mission is to share the transforming love of Jesus Christ with all God’s beloved children, of any age, who walk into the doors of CPC.  Spiritual growth happens when people experience God together, in each other, and in the study of scripture and worship of God, more than through explanation.  Christian Education at CPC happens anytime these two things come together; an experience of God that moves us closer to God.  Then God’s beloved children are sent to engage more fully in life and work in service to Jesus Christ.


“I love everyone here and how Sundays go.  The praying, the singing, the sermons, etc.  It is a very welcoming place and I look forward to coming.”      7th grader

Youth in Worship & Music

High School

On Sunday mornings, youth are not the audience while they watch the pastors, choir, and readers sing & talk about God.  God is the audience while the youth are there to worship, sing, and listen to God’s word.  High Schoolers start to realize that we come to worship to give, not just receive.  So come and give to God by listening and participating!  

Middle School

7th and 8th graders are learning how to listen to the sermon and participate in all we do in worship.  As part of confirmation, students do lessons on the worship service and fill out sheets on the parts of the service.  This helps our youth learn to listen to the message and see how the service is put together.

Youth in Music

Youth are invited to join the church choir and to offer their musical gifts to lead the congregation in worship.  Please see a pastor or contact the church office to sign up!